Welcome to North West Multiple Birth Club Inc Tidy HQ Website - Where you can apply for or renew your memberships, support us through our store or find out what events are taking place. 

North West Multiple Birth Club Inc (NWMBC) is a non-profit organisation that supports families of twins, triplets and more. We are a volunteer group of parents of multiples living in north- west Melbourne.  We are affiliated with the Australian Multiple Birth Association. (AMBA)

Our Mission:

Our aim is to provide support and services, make new friends and share our experiences of life with multiples to enhance the wellbeing and sense of connection of families with mutliples. 

Why join NWMBC?

The sense of community and safe place for parents of multiples to seek support and connect with other parents also experiencing the challenges and amazing times of multiple parenting is something that will enhance your multiple parenting journey alone. Whether you are coming alone or with another parent you know that once you are there, the other multiple parents will gather around and assist you with your babies and take some load off. A bonus to this loving and supportive community are events and servics we offer which include but are not limited to:


  • Weekend morning teas

  • Expectant and new parent morning teas

  • Parent escape nights

  • New parent's luncheon 

  • Playgroups 

  • Social events including christmas partY


  • Antenatal sessions

  • Information sessions

  • Newsletter

  • Webinars

  • Social media (Members only facebook and buy swap sell groups

  • Higher Order Multiples / Bereavement / Special Needs Liaison / LGBTI (NWMBC is affiliated with AMBA, who have member contacts and information for our  HOMs, Special Needs  and LGBTIQ families)

Club Benefits:

  • Library (Books and free feeding pillow hire)

  • Discounts


Want to join us? 

Become a NWMBC member here.